About Us

Synthasome was formed in 2003, with the objective of using the biotechnologies of tissue engineering and functional bioengineering to address unmet clinical needs, focusing on orthopaedic and musculoskeletal applications. A series of federally funded projects has lead the development of our first product, X-Repair™, that recently gained FDA 510k clearance and is now being used in clinical repair of rotator cuff injuries. Using our focused research and development team we continue to develop new and innovative orthobiologics products with applications in tendon, ligament, and articular cartilage repair and regeneration. Synthasome continues to use bioengineering approaches to address major clinical challenges.

Our Mission
The mission of Synthasome, Inc. is to extend and improve the quality of life through the development of orthobiologics products that aid in the repair, regeneration, or replacement of damaged soft tissues including tendon, ligament, and articular cartilage. The company shall also advance the field of regenerative medicine through high quality scientific and engineering research and product development.