HS Fiber Sutures

HS Fiber is a non-absorbable braided suture (36 inches) made from fibers of ultra high molecular weight, long-chain linear polyethylene that provide excellent straight pull strength and abrasion resistance, and the Core-locTM design results in high knot strength. The eBraidTM design provides superior handling characteristics. Four colors with a triaxial pattern design provide outstanding visibility and distinguishing features to enhance suture management, particularly important in arthroscopic orthopaedic surgery.

HS Fiber Tensile Strength and Knot Strength
Catalog # USP/EP Color Needle Tensile strength (lbf) Knot pull strength (lbf)
HSB-Z501 2/5 Metric White/blue No 47.6 33.9
HSK-Z502 2/5 Metric White/black No 45.1 35.5
HSG-Z503 2/5 Metric White/green No 42.8 30.9
HSW-Z504 2/5 Metric White No 78.1 38.0
HSWN-Z507 2/5 Metric White ½ circle taper 78.1 38.0
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